10 Top Places To Visit In Maldives In 2023

10 Places To Visit In Maldives In 2023

Places to visit in Maldives. The Maldives is on the list of the most popular and beautiful tourist destinations on the planet. You may have seen photos of the amazing Maldives Islands. If you are planning a trip to these islands, we recommend that you keep a few important things in mind. Keeping these things in mind will help you get the most out of your dollars spent in the Maldives. Read on to learn more.


In this article, we look at a list of things you might want to know when visiting the places to visit in Maldives. If you are planning a trip to the Maldives, you will find this article quite useful.

Places To Visit In Maldives


  1.  The Maldives consists of more than a thousand islands. Most of these islands are owned by private resorts.
  2. The majority of the population of this country are Muslims. That’s why you can’t buy alcohol in big cities in the country like Male. Likewise, you cannot take duty-free alcohol with you. However, you can buy alcoholic beverages in summer resorts.
  3. There are beautiful beaches on the islands where tourists party after sunset. So you might want to hang out with your friends after the sun goes down places to visit in Maldives.
  4. Island hopping is recommended by experienced tourists. In other words, it is not a good idea to stay on one island and spend your vacation there. That’s why it’s a great idea to try more than one island.
  5. The great thing about the Maldives is that you can swim with the peaceful whale sharks. You can actually see them on the islands. However, there is no guarantee. The best time to go there is between June and September. These are the months when you can enjoy the sight of manta rays.
  6. Visiting the Maldives is like visiting Sri Lanka or India. What is good about the Maldives is that it offers the same level of enjoyment but at lower prices. So, if you are far from Sri Lanka or India, you can visit these islands.
  7. Another great thing about these islands is that they have almost the same weather throughout the year. In some months it rains, but it doesn’t last all day. So you will be able to enjoy the sunshine on the same day when it rains.
  8. The main season to visit the Maldives is between December and April. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you might not want to go there during peak season.
  9. If you want to get the most out of your trip, we recommend hiring a local guide. It will also be a great option if you have never been there before.
  10. After arriving at the airport, you will still need to board a boat or seaplane to get anywhere else.


This was a list of some important things you may want to consider before visiting the Maldives for the first time.

The best resorts places to visit in Maldives

The Maldives is certainly one of the most luxurious holiday destinations in the world and the islands are considered a paradise for sun-seekers, honeymooners, celebrities and scuba divers alike. The Maldivian Islands are located south of India and cover more than 800 km along the equator. The view of the island is breathtaking, the beaches are the most amazing in the world with amazing underwater wildlife, crystal clear lagoons and luxury resorts on private islands. Read on to learn about the best resorts places to visit in Maldives to meet your holiday requirements places to visit in Maldives.

1. Landaa Giraavaru

The resort covers the entire island, which is located in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve on Baa Atoll. Visitors have to take a 40-minute seaplane ride to reach the resort. The resort boasts 106 villas spread across the island. The villas are designed using local materials such as thatched palm roofs. The resorts provide excellent services and facilities and some of the notable ones include water sports, tennis court, marine discovery center and Ayurvedic wellness spa.

2. JA Resort & Hotels

This resort is suitable for families and honeymooners. The resort is located 320 km north of the Maldivian capital Male on Haa Alifu Atoll and is accessible by jet skis and seaplanes. The resort has 84 villas located on the water or on the beach, which blend in with the natural environment of the island. The hotels offer Maldivian cuisine and Asian dishes to satisfy all your dining cravings. The most important facilities and services in the resort include, among others, a spa and wellness center, a fitness center, a water sports center, a children’s playground and excursions.


3. Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives

Centara Grand is one of the best resorts in the Maldives because of the exceptional value it offers. The resort has competitive room rates compared to other similar luxury properties in Maldives. In addition, the resort is one of the few to offer an all-inclusive package that includes water sports rentals, a daily 30-minute massage, alcoholic beverages, supervised children’s activities, excursions and Wi-Fi, among others.

4. Six Senses Laamu Resort

The resort is located 150 km from the equator and is famous for its combination of ecological living, beautiful remote location and uncompromising luxury. For example, guests are expected to remove their shoes upon arrival at the property, offering “barefoot luxury”. The resort’s beach villas are located outside, which makes them special. Among the main luxury features to pamper guests at the hotel is a rich buffet at the Longitude and Leaf restaurants. Other facilities to pamper guests include an award-winning spa, sauna, classic massages and a personal training program.

5. Velaa Private Island Hotel

The hotel is located 45 minutes north of the capital Male, and the island can be reached by seaplane in 45 minutes. The resort has crystal clear waters and white sand beaches that it shares with other Maldivian hotels. The hotel’s luxurious facilities and services include an excellent spa, gym, tennis court, climbing wall and golf academy. In terms of dining, the hotel offers European cuisine and seafood dishes and “barefoot dining” places to visit in Maldives.



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