Birthday Wishes- Best 10 Msg For A Birthday

Birthday Wishes card

Birthday wishes or greetings and cards can contain a very simple, one-line message. On the other hand, some people prefer to come up with elaborate and more artistic birthday wishes. Writing a successful birthday card involves sincerity, a sense of humor and emotionality.

Birthday wishes for friends

In reality, texting a close friend is far from complicated. All you need is a positive sentiment associated with that person and your creativity.

You can create several types of greeting texts. It could be a few sentences or it could be a famous quote. You can even come up with your own fun and original birthday poems.


What is the best birthday message?
Simple wishes and messages


Traditional messages have their charm and such greetings will never go out of style. Starting a greeting with the words “Happy birthday dearest (person’s name)” will always be an attractive way to start a statement.


If you feel like using your own words, try writing a few sentences with best wishes. Be yourself and use words that are typical of your everyday speech. A statement written in this way will make the birthday person think of you immediately.


Not sure what to write about? What you want to say to your friend? Which wishes will be most appropriate? You know the person and you know how to come up with something touching and very personal.


Here are some simple examples of birthday messages you can use:


Happy Birthday! Have a great year and an amazing party tonight!

Birthday wishes


Happy birthday, dearest (person’s name)! May all your wishes come true!


Every year we are wiser and more experienced. I wish you wisdom to make important decisions and a childish spirit to make your life attractive and wild!


Happy birthday dear! Here’s to another great year of fun, friendship, and breathtaking moments!


Add funny or famous quotes


Famous quotes associated with birthdays and special occasions will add some sparkle to your birthday card.


Choose quotes and statements carefully. It must match the overall tone of the message you are trying to convey. Here are some famous quotes that you can use when writing your birthday card:


– If you survive long enough, you will be worshiped – rather like an old building. – Katherine Hepburn


– Measure your life by the number of smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. – John Lennon


– Wisdom does not necessarily come with age. Sometimes age shows up all by itself. – Tom Wilson


– Our birthday is a feather in the wide wing of time. – Jean Paul Richter


PBirthday wishes

Try writing a birthday wishes poem


Poems can be funny, emotional or very cute. A birthday poem will add something special to your message.


Writing a poem is very simple if you have the right idea. Dictionaries, even online, will give you rhyming suggestions to help you come up with beautiful birthday poems.


Relying on your sense of humor is the best option you have. Make your significant other laugh and you have certainly accomplished your mission.


Remember that being yourself is one of the elements that will guarantee the success of your birthday wish. Be honest and even if your message sounds unoriginal, stick to it. These are your own words and wishes you have for a dear friend.

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