Mother’s day quotes- Mother’s Day 2023

Mother’s day quotes

Mother’s Day is upon us again. Are you ready to “WOW” your mom with a show of thanks and gratitude? Will you honestly remember what motherhood is all about and what it has done for you? To prepare you for adulthood, the stresses of life, to teach you how to make a lemon helper from lemons.


Some say that Mother’s Day is now too commercialized, but what was it really for? Originally created by Julia Ward Howe after the American Civil War as a day honoring (in her view) the inherent pacifism of mothers, Mother’s Day now simply celebrates motherhood and thanks mothers.

Mother’s Day 2023

14 May, Sunday, 2023

The first Mother’s Day as we would know it was celebrated in Grafton, West Virginia on May 10, 1908 at the church where Elder Anna Jarvis taught Sunday school. Grafton is home to an International Mother’s Day shrine. From there, the custom caught on — eventually spreading to 45 states. Eventually, the holiday was officially declared by states beginning in 1912, and in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the first national Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day is a busy time of year for the post office in many countries. In 1973, the US Postal Service was suspended for eight days due to the volume of letters and cards.


Here are just a few quotes from people we’ve heard of but never thought of having a mother. They honored their mothers with these beautiful and memorable words about motherhood.

Mother’s Day Quotes

Oliver Wendell Holmes: The true religion of the world comes from women far more than from men—most of all from mothers who carry the key of our souls in their bosoms


Chinese Proverb: There is only one beautiful child in the world and every mother has one.

Mother’s Day Wishes

Remember mom, she was the world to you as a child, a freak in your youth and a guide as an adult. She is “mom.”


Nicola Kennedy enjoyed some great Mother’s Days as both a grateful mum and a loving daughter.

Her longevity


Mom is always mom. It is never off duty. She may become a grandmother and start motherhood all over again, but she will always treat her child or children exactly that way. She may ask them to leave the nest, kick them out, or beg them to stay, but never forget that she is always your mom.


Some mothers have more than one child. Some have many. And while they may learn various tricks of the mothering trade, they just keep going with each new baby.


Her victims


We have already touched on the mother’s career and the fact that many mothers give up their profession in whole or in part in order to become a full-time mother. Then there are many mothers who switch to less demanding careers with working hours to accommodate their children being home from school or on holiday.


And no matter how understanding employers are, no matter how things like job sharing and childcare at work become available, mothers still have to make decisions when it comes to baby and work.


And in many cases, stay-at-home mothers receive insufficient support from governments and other agencies. Why? What greater work, what more important task can one perform than to raise one’s child with love?


The role, responsibility and importance of the mother has never changed, it’s just that many are now expected to do a second job as well. For thousands of years the fields were worked by peasants who stopped long enough to give birth before returning to their task. There was no hospital bed, medical staff and equipment for them.


But despite huge advances in medical science, women still get pregnant, carry, deliver and raise their children. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Her wisdom


Bern Williams is quoted as saying, “Sooner or later we all quote our mothers”. If this is true, the question is why? Are mothers naturally wise? Do they have some special insight into the human condition?


They are undoubtedly wise and we could learn so much if only we paid attention. Here are some classic examples of mom wit and wisdom.


My mother taught me religion when she said, “You should pray for the stain to come out of the carpet.”

My mom taught me how to be flexible when she said, “Look at that dirt on the back of your head?”

My mother taught me endurance when she said, “You’re going to sit there until all those vegetables are eaten.”

And my mom taught me to be prepared when she said, “Always wear clean underwear in case you get hit by a bus.”

We can’t quantify the debt we owe to our mother, but we understand when Olive Schreiner said, “There was never a great man who didn’t have a great mother.”

Happy Mother’s Day (May 14, 2023) to the mothers of the world, with all you do, one day is not enough.


In loving memory of my mom – Mrs. Lilly Green Lewis (1924-2007)

Happy mother's day

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