Social Media Marketing Strategies Best Tips 2023

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a method of communication between a business and potential customers to present and promote the value of a particular product or service. Social media marketing is to use the benefits of a social network to realize some marketing goals, such as promotion and establishing a relationship with customers, etc.


Social media marketing is used to showcase a business through social media and is used as a way to communicate a message to potential customers. Social media refers to various websites that allow users to interact and exchange information through various channels. Content can take the form of blog articles, presentations, videos, e-books, etc

Social media marketing

Below are some of the most important websites of social media marketing


  • Facebook- is considered the most popular social network and also the network with the largest number of potential customers. Facebook pages are for celebrities, businesses and institutions. A site can have multiple administrators/administrators. Facebook groups are for users who share the same interests. It is also for college students etc. it can be closed/open or secret.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is considered the largest business professional network. Allows sharing of posts and profiles.
  • Twitter: microblogging differs from sending short messages called tweets. Uses hashtags.

YouTube, Vimeo: these websites host video files. Videos can be promotional, instructional, or you can start a video blog. You can promote the video by sharing the link on other social channels.

Google+: Uses Google+ profiles for individuals, Google+ pages are for businesses and institutions. Google has discontinued Google+

Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr: these 3 websites are platforms for sharing visual content. Enables images and short videos for online stores, decorators, clothing manufacturers, etc.

Foursquare, Yelp: Tourists mostly use these social networks to review the places they visit.


Blogging is a form of social marketing that uses blogs to create and publish content while building a relationship with readers. This act dates from the 1990s to around 2000. It comes from the word “weblog” and publishes content that is useful, practical and engaging.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. Others are Tumblr, Blogger. For a successful blog activity, choose an appropriate design, be consistent, communicate with readers and analyze your performance.

Social media marketing

Tips for using social media marketing include



you need a profile picture, business description, cover image, business URLs, and finally your business address.

Social media optimization:

this means that if a visitor types your business name into a search engine, it should be easy to find it within seconds.

Follow the social media guidelines: cover photo text and URL guidelines, online process organization conditions and restrictions should be strictly followed to avoid ban.


Requires monitoring and analysis to evaluate your performance and determine whether the results are satisfactory. If the results are not satisfactory, the approach and methods need to be changed.

The social media effect

Social media is a combination of online communication channels focused on group-oriented input, communication, information sharing and relationships. Different types of social networking apps and websites, blogging, forums, wikis, and social bookmarking make up different types of social media. The most common types are Facebook, YouTube, Google+, WhatsApp, Twitter, QQ, WeChat, Qzone, OLX, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Skype, Viber, Snapchat, Pinterest, MySpace, Meetme, Meetup, Mixi, Tout, Douban, Flickr, Buzznet , Wehearit and Friendster These social websites have approximately 100,000,000 registered users. Although there are different types of social media, they share many common features, such as Consumers create service-oriented profiles for websites and applications that are planned and supported by the association. User-generated material such as digital images, posts, videos, comments and data shared through an online interface. All types of social media are interactive Internet applications that allow online social networks to grow by linking a user’s profile to the profiles of other people or groups.


What is social media effect in our lives?

Users typically contact social media devices through web-based tools on computers or download services from internet applications on their mobile phones. Through these services, users can create highly collaborative platforms through which individuals, groups, and devices can segment, co-create, debate, and revise user-generated data or pre-created content displayed online. They represent significant and prevalent changes in communication between trades, businesses, societies and personalities. They have regulated communication between individuals and large businesses. It differs from traditional print and electronic media in various aspects such as capture, customer, value, reach, occurrence, interaction, usage, proximity and durability. Its channels operate in a dialog mode of transmission, while the old-style media used a monologue mode of transmission.

Best Social Media App

Facebook is widely used in all countries, with 84 percent of young Americans using it. Almost 60 percent of teenagers have profiles on social networks, most people spend at least two hours a day on social networks, and the time spent on these sites is more than the time spent on other types of sites. Total time spent on social media in the US was 66 billion minutes in 2012, now it has reached 121 billion minutes.

Bad And Good Effects Of Social Media

Social media has many good and bad effects. It gives the possibility to connect with real or virtual groups and is a real promotion tool for businesses, financiers, charities, but also support groups, politicians and government.


We cannot define social media by its ability to gather people, according to this description, its types can be telegraph and telephone. In fact, social media is usually used to pronounce social networking sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram and Wechat allows their use to create their private profiles to share ideas, images, videos, to talk with each other and to inform each other about new things, events and happenings while doing their daily deeds and routine work.


The peculiarity of social media – content spreads like a virus


Sometimes content posted on social networks contains

Use of cellular applications


Using a mobile phone to access the site is a big factor in the popularity of the site. Now using social media is easier, more private and cheaper than before, thanks to the smart phone the internet has become a very “convenient” thing. the young generation. Nowadays, young people spend more time interacting on social networks than watching TV. Every type of site is easily accessible with a smartphone, content can be added, shared, sent, received, voice and video calls with updated status can be made more easily without the use of desktop computers or laptops. The use of Wi-Fi technology made it possible to use the Internet connection for the whole family. All family members can use the website according to their likes and dislikes, time flexibility and privacy. Mobile applications like WhatsApp, Skype are widely used for video calling, YouTube is used for viewing videos, Facebook is used for sharing videos, images, texts and status updates by mobile users. Mobile applications enable the creation, exchange and dissemination of user-generated content. Location and time sensitivity are important factors for accessing social media using mobile devices.


Business perspective


Location and time sensitivity gave mobile devices an advantage over desktop computers by offering companies the opportunity to expand their business through marketing and advertising. Mobile tools can be used for investigation, communication, sales promotion or concessions and affiliate growth programs.




Social sites use social plans and create stages that are equally useful for users, industries and networks with the help of e-commerce or online consumption. A company profits because it gains awareness of how its product or service is perceived by customers. Applications such as and Pinterest influence the growing trend in acceptance and accessibility of e-commerce or online consumption.



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