Top 10 Best Places For Summer Vocation

Top 10 Best Places For Summer Vocation 2023

Every summer there seems to be a few new must-see tourist destination lists. The problem is that these destinations are usually exotic, expensive places that are spread all over the world. This may be fine if you are someone who has a lot of money and is not affected by the slumping global economy.


But if you’re one of the tens of thousands of average consumers who are really feeling the pinch, then you need a list of suggestions for fun and cheap travel destinations – after all, everyone deserves a vacation! This list reveals the top ten must-see travel destinations across the United States for the summer of 2009. These getaways won’t break the bank, yet still offer plenty of excitement. Who knows, you might not have to look any further than your own proverbial backyard for a good adventure!

There are some top 10 best places for summer vacation which is given below

1.) Orlando, Florida –

Yes, it is the home of Disney World. Who can resist big Mickey Mouse ears, a visit with Cinderella or a boat ride with Pirates of the Caribbean? It’s no wonder Orlando is a top destination for family vacations with its low prices and wide range of world-class entertainment. Even if you’re not interested in going to Disney World, maybe you’re a couple without kids, or a single person traveling with friends, there’s something fun for everyone in Orlando. On a Saturday night, drive to Old Town Orlando, catch a rock concert, check out the Daytona Speedway, or visit one of the nearby beaches.


2.) Atlanta, Georgia –

This is another family vacation spot with attractions like the Coca-Cola Museum (they offer free tours on certain days and you can get a free Coke!) and Six Flags over Georgia. Go on an exciting ride on roller coasters like Cyclone or Ninja. Visit CNN or the Weather Channel’s news headquarters. Go out to eat and experience the most amazing yet inexpensive home cooked Southern food. Atlanta is known for being a hotbed of musicians and rappers, so go see one of the many local shows. Atlanta has something for everyone and the prices can’t be beat there.


3.) Las Vegas, Nevada –

Even Las Vegas has some cheap family fun at one of the city’s many daily magic shows or a Cirque Du Soleil event. However, it is best to leave the children with a babysitter at night, as no one under the age of 21 is allowed in the casinos. Casinos offer plenty of excitement – just don’t get addicted to playing the slots or playing too many poker games. Still, Las Vegas and the surrounding areas are packed with activities like the Hoover Dam tour. On the plus side, with all the income coming from casinos, Las Vegas travel accommodations, and countless entertainment options, you won’t have to empty your wallet.


4.) Phoenix, Arizona –

Another hot (literally) top summer destination, Phoenix offers tons of fun. You’ll be grateful for the many budget hotels and resorts and the pools at these resorts. Take your time on the drive and take in the beautiful desert scenery and mountain backdrop. Take an inexpensive tour of the Desert Botanical Gardens and see the lush plant life that the desert sustains. Drive down to Tucson to visit Old Tucson Studios and see where many of the most famous cowboy/western movies were filmed. View beautiful handmade Native American arts and crafts at one of Phoenix’s several Indian markets. There is much more to Phoenix than meets the eye.


5.) Tampa, Florida –

Tampa offers significant discounts in the summer because its most popular tourist season is in the winter. Take advantage of low prices and beautiful beaches and have the time of your life in a must-see tourist destination. Get cheap Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball tickets. Enjoy delicious burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe. Spend as much time as you like at any of Tampa’s free public beaches. Not only will you leave Tampa with an amazing tan, but you’ll also have fun!


6.) Los Angeles, California –

Sun, celebrities, concerts, shopping, surfing and fun! Need I say more? Go see the Hollywood Walk of Fame where so many stars have placed their hands and feet. Take a trolley tour of celebrity homes in Beverly Hills. Take a thrill ride on Mullholland Drive. View the entire city from the top of one of several mountains. Dance the night away at one of L.A.’s many nightclubs. Drive down to the coast and gaze in awe at the majesty of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe the mere excitement of possibly meeting a celebrity is enough for you. Whatever the case may be, Los Angeles is definitely a must-see tourist destination, and contrary to popular belief, it’s quite possible to have an entire vacation in L.A. with a limited budget.


7.) New York, New York –

Yes, believe it or not, even New York City can be seen on a budget. There is so much to see in New York: Broadway plays, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Natural History Museum, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, Saturday Night Live studios. The list is almost endless! Be sure to check for matinee tickets to shows, group discounts (if you’re traveling with friends and family) to the museum, daytime baseball games, and many other sights you can see at low prices or completely free. Book your hotel room a few weeks in advance to get the best price.


8.) San Francisco, California –

Go see the amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy the wonderful weather on the bay because even in the height of summer, San Francisco rarely gets above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a trolley ride through downtown San Francisco and the historic district and see beautiful architecture from the Victorian era. Stand at the famous intersection of Haight and Ashbury Street. Taste incredible food at the open air market at the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market. Stop by the San Francisco Art Institute to see examples of some of the student work and get a glimpse of Moorish architecture. Whatever tickles your fancy, you’re sure to find it in San Francisco!


9.) New Orleans, Louisiana –

Tourism in New Orleans is at an all-time low since Hurricane Katrina. It’s slowly recovering, but the Big Easy needs your help. Mosey down to New Orleans for an unforgettable trip to one of the most unique cities in all of this country. Not only will you be helping the locals rebuild the business you bring in, you can have some amazing fun for very little money. Stop by any Cajun or Creole restaurant in New Orleans for some of the best food in the entire Southern United States.

Creole cooking is a delicious taste you will never forget. Head to the Mardi Gras World Factory in the off-season for an up-close look behind the scenes at Mardi Gras – and it’s open year-round. For those of you who enjoy the spooky side of New Orleans, there are inexpensive “vampire tours” that run throughout the French Quarter and talk about vampire legends.

You can also check out Marie LaVeau’s House of Voodoo to see authentic hoodoo and occult paraphernalia and books. Be sure to visit New Orleans during the summer off-season to find the best hotel and flight deals. Mardi Gras (in March), Jazz Fest (May), and Halloween are the busiest tourist seasons in New Orleans.


10.) Chicago, Illinois –

Last on the list of top ten must-see tourist destinations is the Windy City. If you love music, and especially the blues, then Chicago is a must-visit destination in June because that’s when the Chicago Blues Fest kicks off. Another spectacular summer pastime during June in Chicago would be a huge outdoor food extravaganza called “Taste of Chicago”. Tickets to the huge food festival are amazingly cheap, especially considering the sheer amount and variety of food available at Tastes of Chicago.


Another huge and free attraction to visit in Chicago would be the public beaches along Lake Michigan. Take advantage of the refreshing lake breeze to cool off from the summer heat. Don’t forget to check out one local cuisine that Chicago is known for – Chicago style pizza! Another free attraction would be the famous Sears Tower. Whatever the Windy City has in store for you, make sure you don’t get carried away!

Top ten best places for summer vocation

That concludes my list of the top ten tourist destinations you must see in summer 2009. Not only can they be visited, but they are also perfect for people who have to travel on a budget. Make sure you book all your reservations in advance and look for special offers and coupons online. Also look for free tours or discounts on special events in the destination of your choice. And don’t worry—even in a recession, you can budget to travel to great places and enjoy adventures.

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