Top 10 Places To Visit In Australia Best Packages

Top 10 places to visit in Australia

Australia a desert land

Australia is a beautiful country known for its desert lands, beaches and islands. All these features make Australia a desirable tourist destination. A country rich in cultural resources attracts the attention of millions of visitors from all over the world every year. It offers visitors a lot of sights. For those who love adventure, they can take part in activities like trekking, mountain climbing, cycling and various other sports.


Australia holiday package

With holiday packages in Australia, travelers would experience one of the most exciting moments of their life. The country with its beautiful beaches and lively atmosphere all around attracts many honeymoon couples from all corners. The country charms couples with its beautiful locations, romantic nightlife and great restaurants.

Top 10 places to visit in Australia

Being a vast country, Australia offers various delights and wonders for travelers to explore. It can be very difficult to choose the best one. Well! Below are some of the top 10 places to visit in Australia during your trip.

Top 10 places to visit in Australia


  1.  Built by Danish architect Jorn Utzon in 1973 in Sydney, the Opera House is a masterpiece. This magnificent building is one of the largest art centers in the world. It organizes 1,500 performances every year. In the Opera house, travelers can see performances by domestic and foreign groups.
  2. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular places among travelers. The barrier reef stretches for 2,600 km and boasts 900 islands. Water sports enthusiasts can participate in snorkeling and diving. Tourists can enjoy the coral beauty on the reef.
  3. Kangaroo Island is one of the remote places that is far from civilization. It is a place where you can discover some of Australia’s animals in their natural habitat. It’s just another kangaroo zoo, but besides that there are lots of other birds and koalas.
  4. Kakadu National Park is the largest national park in Australia. Tourists would be able to see some of the rarest animals in the national park which include mammals, reptiles and birds. Travelers can enjoy a variety of hiking tours in the park.
  5. The Gold Coast is one of the major tourist destinations in Australia. Located in South East Queensland, it is known for offering a variety of entertainment options for tourists. If you are looking for a luxury holiday in Australia, the Gold Coast is the perfect place. It boasts a fantastic range of attractions, beaches, shops, venues and restaurants.
  6. The Barossa is a wine valley that produces wines. Located in the region of South Australia, it is the right stop for wine lovers. The valley also offers great food along with cultural heritage. Many big names and brands of wine are produced in this area.
  7. Sydney Harbour, also known as “The Coatanger” is one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world. It is located 134 meters above sea level. The harbor view is beautified during the New Year and is the perfect backdrop for the Sydney Opera House.
  8. The National Gallery of Australia displays Australian art collections. It features over 120,000 Australian, Asian and international works of art. Travelers can witness the exhibitions held annually at the National Gallery of Australia.
  9. Tasmania is the cleanest and least polluted island in the world. It is also referred to as the “Island of Inspiration” because it is blessed with natural beauty. For travelers looking for peace and quiet, Tasmania is the perfect place.
  10. The Great Ocean Road is the perfect place for those who love to drive. It stretches for 250 km and runs from the Bellarine Peninsula to Warrnambool. The road covers some of the most spectacular scenery in Australia.


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