Twitter Etiquette Best Guide & Tips- 2023

Why is it called Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform. You must have heard about it! It’s a social media tool where you can chat about anything you want, you can be social or tweet about specialties, it’s totally up to you what you want to chat about. You are limited to 140 characters, so you must choose your chats or ‘tweets’ carefully to get your point across.


I just love tweeting about things! It could be from my thoughts at a particular moment, catching up with friends, giving tips, motivational quotes, advice and much more.

How to create twitter account?

When creating a Twitter account, think about your username, what you will use the Twitter account for. If you’re promoting yourself or products for your business, it’s best to use your own name or the “brand or website” you want to promote to people on the web. Now listen, by “brand” I don’t mean your products, you should always look at branding YOU first and foremost. If you market yourself correctly, the products will sell. People want to know the real you, not your SALES.


Your twitter audience can be as diverse or specific as you want, it’s entirely up to you who you accept as a “follower” or not. You can follow people you are interested in, and you can also see who wants to follow you. There can be some annoying characters on twitter, but there is a feature to ‘block’ users and report them as ‘spammers’.


It’s best to try to connect with other “twelves” socially and interact where possible, rather than trying to “sell” them things – this can be considered spam and is not acceptable on Twitter.


If you’re a student and stuck on an essay or thesis, throw a question into Twitterland and as for opinions – you’ll soon get a flood of responses. Likewise, if you’re looking to ask for advice or engage with another “tweeple,” throw out a question, phrase, or statement and see what comes back.


To show appreciation for what others have ‘tweeted’ about you, you can share or otherwise known as re-tweet or RT information to your own list. This will include sending information to other users who may not be in your following group.


Hash tags are used to ‘group’ a topic of interest, for example #selfmotivation you can use them in your tweets as a form of ‘keyword’ searching. Users can search by hash tags, which group topics together and display all relevant tweets that are in the range of, for example, #selfmotivation.


You can add photos and URL links to your tweets, but in some cases it’s best to shorten the links because it takes up your precious 140 characters. There are sites that can shorten your links for you, so do your research online through any search engine.


Try and add value to the messages you send on Twitter, people love useful information, NOT business SPAM! I hope you found this information useful. Please let me know by leaving me a comment below.


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How Twitter helps our business?

In case you missed it, Twitter is a revolutionary micro-blogging and social networking platform that is quickly gaining popularity around the world. At last count, nearly 200 million people used Twitter to connect with friends, colleagues, business partners, and even celebrities.


However, it’s hard to label Twitter as a competitor to Facebook, or even put them in the same category because they’re so different.


Like Facebook, Twitter is about social networking and allows you to connect with people you know, but that’s where the similarities end. While Facebook allows users to post long status updates, all Twitter messages are one hundred and forty characters or shorter.


Although Twitter also allows you to retweet other users’ tweets or reply to or comment on posts, most users find that unlike Facebook where most of their contacts are known (family, friends and colleagues), on Twitter most people follow people who they had never met before.


As a business application, Twitter offers opportunities to stay in touch with clients and business partners, as well as marketing and keeping up with industry news. The ability to link to websites, photos and other content also makes it a valuable means of sharing information, and as many countries allow tweeting from a mobile phone, it’s mobile and easy to use anywhere.


Let’s take a closer look at how Twitter works.


The first step after registering a Twitter account is to create a user profile. You can add a profile picture or your company logo, as well as information about yourself, your business, and your website. You can choose to include contact information or leave it out, and you can list your interests and other information.


Once your Twitter profile is complete, the next step is to add your contacts. This can be anyone from family and friends to clients or even people you admire but have never met. Adding people on Twitter is known as “following” and instead of “friends” like you would on Facebook, on Twitter you have followers. Each of these followers will receive your tweets when you send them, and tweets from anyone you follow will appear in your news feed.


Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s take a look at how you can use Twitter to benefit your business.


The first method is to follow people who work in your field or a related field. For example, if you own a hotel, you may choose to follow people who are involved in travel agencies or those who write travel reviews. Thanks to this, you will be informed about the news in the industry and the potential for new business opens up.


Another great option is to encourage your customers to follow you on Twitter. That way, when you have special offers, new products or services, or updates to your website, you can quickly and easily share them with all of your followers.


Because Twitter allows you to create lists, it’s also possible to put your followers or people you follow into lists or groups and reply to a group or list instead of individuals. This means it’s easier to reach more people with one tweet.


With the announcement of selective tweets and Twitter advertising options launched in 2010, another form of advertising opens up for business owners on Twitter, but it remains to be seen how well it will compete with AdSense and advertising options on other social media platforms. Still, it’s always nice to know there’s another alternative.


Probably the biggest advantage of Twitter when it comes to marketing and business is that each Tweet is only 140 characters long and you can tweet from anywhere as long as your mobile phone is enabled. This makes it ideal for small business owners trying to incorporate online marketing into their already busy schedules.


Add to that the link building potential of the site and it’s easy to see why it’s becoming a household name as a business marketing tool. So if you’re not already tweeting about your business and news, why not sign up and give it a try? You may find that you find new business and even a few opportunities, or that you learn from people who inspire you!


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