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YouTube Trends are on it’s peak. People make vlogs to show their talent and also use real unique content. To get people to watch your YouTube creations in the first place, you need to understand why they are watching your videos. In the broadest sense, they are curious about what you’ve created because your title or theme caught their eye or someone sent them to look at it, which piques their curiosity, and they decide to view your creation because of that curiosity. So knowing this, you’ll want to use strategies to encourage people to share your creations, and the easiest way to do this is through a “Call to Action” – ask them to share it if they like it or to it was visibly easy. to do so.


Trending Content On YouTube

When it comes to your topic, your best bet when creating a new video is to create something related to something that’s currently trending. Using tools like Google Alerts helps with this. Monitoring what people are tweeting about or posting on Pinterest or Facebook will also give you insight. If what you’re talking about on YouTube is general or flexible enough, you can jump on these trends, and as people on the internet are eager to find new, relevant content, you have a good opportunity to capture a piece of the action.


This is the kind of content that can go viral if you can catch the right waves. The trick is to be able to get a jump on the creation. Reach early adopters/viewers who want to be the first kid on the block to learn something and then are eager to share their discoveries with Facebook friends, real-life friends, co-workers, etc. Videos of this nature are often short. visually, but while they are “hot”, they fly high and fast.

Self- Serving Educational YouTube Videos

Then there are more self-serving, educational types of videos. People want to increase their knowledge in certain areas so that they can be more successful themselves, which may include finding ways to make more money, be better at their job, wanting to find new online tools to teach their children, wanting to get to the next level in currently trending online games (it overlaps with the bandwagon principle, which is also trendy). Here you can publish content that will have an audience even in the longer term. If you’ve created content that’s timeless, your informational videos will be watched over and over again over the years. You won’t fly as high or as fast as you would with videos on popular topics, but your growth should be steady over time as more and more people learn about your content.


Now that you’ve chosen a direction for the videos you want to create to get people to watch them, you need to create quality content that people want to watch. There are several elements that you need to work on to ensure that quality exists.


Entertainment Value:

You need to make sure you grab their attention quickly and then keep it if you’re trying to appeal to them on an entertainment level. You have to keep pushing them interesting or visually appealing content throughout your video or they will click and move on. And to achieve this, you need to plan ahead.


Apparent Content Value:

If your goal is to provide solid knowledge-enhancing value, you need to make sure your content is deep enough to give it real value that’s actually useful to them, or you’ll lose them as a follower—so every creation, that you create should have depth. Don’t put anything superficial in there or you might lose them and never get them back.


Emotional Value:

All the best YouTube video creations contain a good level of emotional value that gets through to the viewer. For fun and/or trending videos, you want to hit certain emotional buttons in a person, such as laughter, sentimentality, bonding with people, pets, children, etc., desires – like live rich, live healthy, live thin, travel, etc. For knowledgeable in videos, emotions include money to pay bills, travel, retirement, etc., gaining more popularity, fame, or even attention, solving a vexing problem – being successful or achieving something, etc. The better you can relate emotionally to the people in your creations, the more tracked what you create.



Take the time to create good captions for your work. Don’t just create a title that is bland or just describes your content in some “vanilla” way, try to create something that catches people’s attention. For example, a vanilla title for improving your website might be “Improve Your Website for SEO”; “Get your site fair with Google” would be better. The latter will attract more viewers. Great adjectives help improve tracking results.


Branding and Consistency:

Get the theme going so people know what to expect every time you release a new video. This also applies to branding – build a recognizable brand that people will remember and easily notice when they are looking for content to watch. Consistency in branding and theme will entice those who like your content to view the next issue in a row. It’s also a good idea to create different playlists for your creations so that each playlist can stay consistent within the theme and new releases appear in each playlist as the next part of the series. If someone finds a video labeled, for example, “Episode 9 – Content Title” and likes it, they’ll also want to watch episodes 1-8 to make sure they haven’t missed anything in the series. So create well-defined playlists consistent with the theme and release videos in a series – it helps to follow the earlier videos and make people anticipate the next release in the series so they can watch it after it’s released.

Call to action:

Make it easy for people to watch more videos in your series. Strategically place YouTube “tabs” and notes in your creations to direct people to your playlist to view all of your related creations or to the next video in the series. Note: I always like to use the “Open in another window” option when adding these items so people have the option to finish watching the existing creation as well. Incidentally, this also has the added benefit of improving the viewing statistics of individual videos.


These are just a few summary ideas to help you improve your YouTube video viewing statistics. Combine these strategies with effective video promotion techniques and your content creation will get good exposure on YouTube.


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How to get more likes and views on YouTube?

YouTube Views, YouTube Likes and YouTube Comments play a key role in the modern trend of the digital marketing industry called online video marketing. It is a very easy and cheap way of marketing, as all you need is free software and digital cameras to create a promotional video. YouTube comments are very important to a company because they reflect the customer’s attitude towards products or services, but the competition to get views on YouTube is high. Tons of videos are uploaded every minute, but few of them are successful with viewers and likes on YouTube. To get more views on YouTube, you need to follow some simple strategies.


– Quality:

Video quality is one of the basic building blocks to get more YouTube ratings. You should always check YouTube’s recommended size and video formats. Video quality depends on high definition image and clear sound. People prefer short videos that are more compact, informative and entertaining. Videos that are between 30 seconds and 2 minutes in length gain more popularity than longer videos.


– Title:

Choose such titles that are relevant but catchy to describe the video because people spend less than 2 seconds reading the title. Titles should be legible within 2 seconds so that people can easily find and share them on social networks, where YouTube views increase significantly. It is recommended to use search engine optimized keywords in the title, such as “how to” at the beginning of the video tutorial.


– Descriptions:

YouTube provides a good space for video descriptions. You should use this option wisely and include most of the related key phrases. Its official URL or link can also be included in the description, which helps increase targeted traffic.


– Thumbnails:

Video marketing experts realize the importance of thumbnails in video promotion. Thumbnails are defined as a small image that is associated with a video. Screenshots of very interesting situations in the video can be used as thumbnails, which can immediately attract the attention of viewers. People have a basic instinct to click on attractive unknown thumbnails that are a way to get more views on YouTube.


– Tags:

You should tag videos with relevant keywords as most users are attracted to these popular keywords when searching for a video. So, it is recommended that the keywords are related to the video, but at the same time, they are popular brands that will allow you to increase the number of views and increase the number of likes on YouTube.


– Promotion:

All email contacts, social networking sites, blogs and related websites can be used to promote the videos. YouTube video links can easily be posted on popular social sites like Twitter, Facebook, blogger or video sites like MetaCafe, Daily Motion to get more comments on YouTube.


– Comments:

YouTube comments are important to prove the popularity of the uploaded video and also to gain more appeal to the users. Some comments can be posted under another popular video, but the comment should be smart because YouTube comments can make others check the video link.


There are many other key techniques to get desired YouTube likes and views and we can help you. You can find more techniques on our website.


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